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  • Edifício Paranhos 3127
    Edifício Paranhos 3127 since 184.500 € Porto, Porto
  • Matosinhos Sul 024
    Matosinhos Sul 024 since 415.000 € Porto, Matosinhos
  • Douro 3097
    Douro 3097 since 450.000 € Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia
    "Dreams have no limits" Located on the Canidelo waterfront, with views over the green area of the Douro estuary nature reserve. It benefits from a breathtaking and panoramic view over the ocean, river and city of Porto. Contemporary architecture, modern details and luxurious construction. The apartments are equipped with air conditioning, (...)
  • Douro II 3096
    Douro II 3096 since 420.000 € Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia
    Located in Afurada, in Vila Nova de Gaia, with views over the green area of ​​the Douro estuary natural reserve and by the sea. Situated in an idyllic place, it has a set of unique features around it, bike paths, footbridge, seaside and riverside. A development of contemporary architecture, it has excellent characteristics, (...)
  • Edifício Matosinhos 015
    Edifício Matosinhos 015 since 545.000 € Porto, Matosinhos
    Finishes: -Central Heating; -Independent solar collectors per dwelling for heating domestic hot water, supported by a gas-fired wall-mounted boiler, with energy efficiency and heating time management -Blackout with electric activation; - False ceilings with fixed built-in spotlights (halls, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry) and directional (...)
  • Edifício Leça Palmeira 013
    Edifício Leça Palmeira 013 since 170.000 € Porto, Matosinhos
  • Leça da Palmeira 3082
    Leça da Palmeira 3082 since 250.000 € Porto, Matosinhos
  • Edifício São João 3080
    Edifício São João 3080 since 175.000 € Porto, Matosinhos
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